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Water Essentials

Water is essential to life. Drinking enough, clean water everyday is a big part of keeping our bodies healthy.

In Australia we are lucky to have a good supply of safe, clean drinking water available to us with the turn of a tap. Having said this, it should also be pointed out that even this “safe” water can have varying amounts of unwanted contaminates in it, which, if we have the choice, most of us would rather not put into our bodies!

Eco Springs Perth has a unique system designed specifically to remove a large percentage of these “nasties” from your tap water so that you can enjoy the health benefits of very high quality water, together with the convenience of using your own tap and at the same time save money by not having to use expensive, environmentally damaging bottled water.

Why water is wonderful

All bodily functions are affected by water. Most adult bodies are between 55 to70% water. Drinking enough water has been shown to help the body heal itself from many ailments.

Most mature adults lose 2.5 to 3 litres of water a day. The recommended daily intake for adult men is 2.6litres or more and for women 2.1 litres or more.

Not drinking enough water directly affects both your physical and mental performance. Lack of water can lead to Dehydration.

Some symptoms of dehydration include:
Headaches, thirst, tiredness, confusion, mood changes and many more. If severe dehydration is allowed to continue, eventually it will result in urination ceasing, kidneys starting to fail and the body unable to remove toxic waste products – in extreme cases this may result in death. For more information, visit

On a brighter note – some of the main advantages of drinking the correct amount of water include:
Ensuring the body is able to flush out toxins in your body, Maintenance of pH balance, Improved brain function, Improved Metabolism, Body temperature and Breathing, also the prevention of Constipation, Heartburn, Migraines, Kidney stones and much more. If you want more information on these and more benefits, visit

Water helps maintain youthful, glowing skin and is an absolutely essential component of a healthy body.

When it comes to water quality –

“If you don’t use a water filter, your body becomes one”

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